what breed has abyssinian cat in it

  • Mochi
  • September 21, 2023

Several breeds have been influenced by the Abyssinian cat, either directly through intentional breeding or by sharing common ancestry. Here are some cat breeds that have a connection to the Abyssinian:

Somali Cat
The Somali is essentially a long-haired Abyssinian. The long hair trait was a recessive gene present in Abyssinians, and through selective breeding, the Somali breed was developed. They share many traits with Abyssinians, including their playful nature and the unique ticked coat pattern.

The Ocicat was originally created by mating Siamese and Abyssinian cats, with the aim of producing a Siamese cat with an Abyssinian-ticked coat. Later on, American Shorthairs were introduced into the breeding program to give the Ocicat its distinctive spotted appearance.

While the primary purpose of breeding Bengals was to replicate the wild look of the Asian leopard cat in a domestic feline, some early Bengal breeding programs incorporated Abyssinians due to their ticked coats and muscular physique.

The Serengeti is a breed developed by crossing Bengal and Oriental Shorthair cats. Given that Bengals had some Abyssinian ancestry, it indirectly introduced Abyssinian genes into the Serengeti breed.

This breed, developed from hybrids between domestic cats and the wild Jungle cat (Felis chaus), has at times incorporated Abyssinians in its breeding program to refine certain traits.

It's essential to understand that while these breeds have some influence or genes from the Abyssinian, each has its own distinct characteristics and breed standards. Abyssinian influence often contributes to particular coat patterns, physical characteristics, or temperaments, but the resulting breeds are unique in their own right.