will cats pee less when eating can food

  • Mochi
  • November 06, 2023

Yes, cats are likely to pee less when eating canned food compared to dry food. This is because canned food has a higher moisture content than dry food, which means that cats don't need to drink as much water to stay hydrated. As a result, they produce less urine.

Here are some additional benefits of feeding your cat canned food
Canned food is more palatable to cats than dry food.This means that they are more likely to eat it, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.
Canned food is easier to digest than dry food.This can be especially helpful for cats with sensitive stomachs.
Canned food is a good source of moisture.This can help keep cats hydrated and prevent urinary tract problems.

If you decide to feed your cat canned food, there are a few things you should keep in mind
Choose a high-quality canned food that is specifically formulated for cats.
Make sure that the canned food is properly sealed.
Refrigerate any unused canned food.
Feed your cat canned food at room temperature.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your cat gets the most out of their canned food diet.