striped cat breed abyssinian

  • Mochi
  • September 22, 2023

The Abyssinian cat breed is not typically described as "striped." Instead, Abyssinians are renowned for their unique "ticked" coat pattern. In a ticked coat, individual hairs are banded with multiple colors. This gives the Abyssinian its warm and glowing appearance.

However, Abyssinians can have some darker markings or very subtle striping on their legs and tail. Still, these markings are not as pronounced as the stripes you would find on a tabby cat, for instance.

If you're thinking of breeds with more distinct striped patterns, you might be thinking of various tabby patterns found in many breeds:

  1. Mackerel Tabby: This pattern is often what people think of as the typical striped cat pattern. It has vertical, slender stripes running down the cat's sides, looking somewhat like fish bones, hence the name "mackerel."
  2. Classic Tabby: Also known as "blotched tabby," this pattern features thick, rounded stripes and swirls.
  3. Spotted Tabby: As the name suggests, this pattern has spots that can vary in size and shape.
  4. Agouti or Ticked Tabby: This is where the Abyssinian's coat pattern falls. Each hair is banded with multiple colors, giving a speckled look when viewed from a distance.
  5. Patched Tabby: This pattern is typically found in female cats and showcases patches of the aforementioned tabby patterns.

Many cat breeds can showcase these tabby patterns, not just the Abyssinian. If you're looking for a distinctly striped breed, the Bengal, with its striking rosettes and spots reminiscent of a wild leopard or ocelot, might also be of interest.