white blue abyssinian cat

  • Mochi
  • September 15, 2023

The Abyssinian cat breed is known for its unique ticked coat pattern. While the term "white blue" isn't a standard color description for Abyssinians, it's possible you're referring to the "blue" coloration. Let's delve into this:

Blue Abyssinian Cat:

  1. Coat Color: The blue Abyssinian has a warm beige or light slate gray base coat with soft blue ticking. This gives the cat a muted, elegant appearance. The term "blue" in cat breeds often refers to a grayish color, not the color blue as we typically think of it.
  2. Eyes: Like other Abyssinians, the blue Abyssinian can have gold, green, or hazel eyes, which often contrast beautifully with their lighter coat.

Other Abyssinian Colors:

Apart from blue, Abyssinians come in a variety of other colors, including:

  1. Ruddy: This is the most common color, with a warm reddish-brown base and dark brown or black ticking.
  2. Sorrel (or Red): A coppery red base with chocolate brown ticking.
  3. Fawn: A warm, cream-colored base coat with light rosy-brown ticking.
  4. Chocolate and Lilac: These are less common colors and are recognized by some cat associations.

White Abyssinians:

Pure white Abyssinians are not a recognized color in the breed standard. If you come across a cat that looks like an Abyssinian but is white, it might be a mix or a different breed altogether.

The blue Abyssinian is a beautiful variation of the breed, with its soft grayish coat and contrasting eye colors. If you're interested in this color or any other Abyssinian variation, it's essential to research and connect with reputable breeders who can provide more information about the breed's characteristics and care needs.